Handlebar bracket for Apple iPhone4 and iPhone 4S *iBracket* *Motorcycle & Bicycle*

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Form and function unite.
In order to do justice to the design, feel and shape of the iPhone4, the components have been reduced to the bare essentials. The shape and technical components are designed for maximum stability despite their delicate execution. UV-resistant silicone rings provide the intelligent 3D closure with the required tension. The iPhone is positioned in very stable, protective plastic corners. This precision closure form, developed to fit the iPhone exactly, integrates the device into the iBracket with no play at all. All functions of the iPhone remain readily accessible.

The most important features in summary:
- 3D closure with one-handed operation
- CNC laser cut and CNC shaped stainless steel components.
- Precision closure form, specially developed for the iPhone4.
- Touratech iBracket plastic corners with UV-resistant silicone rings.
- Touratech vibration decoupling
- iBracket handlebarbraket 90° turnable.
- iBracket handlebar bracket for bicycle riders.
- iBracket handlebar bracket suitable for use with motorbikes

- Using our mounting adapters, this handlebar bracket can be fitted to almost any motorbike.
- The mounting bracket can also be used with common silicone protective cases for the iPhone.
- For iPhone3 please use the type number 01-065-0430-0

The Unit shown in the figures is not supplied with the mounting.

Handlebar bracket for Apple iPhone4 and iPhone 4S compatible with:
- HTC Desire X
- Galaxy S3 mini
- Click here for more information

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Réf. 01-065-0435-0
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